Book vs. Foot

So I decided to invite the whole clan to the homestead for Labor Day. So began the great cleaning of 2017. One of the things that we had to do was to get our bookshelves in order. Books had been haphazardly thrown on shelves, and this cannot be! It hurts my soul to have the books out of order. So I began by – of course – printing out the library of congress system. Because of course I did.

All went well, up until I got to the antique Shakespeare section of the shelves. I collect antique Shakespeare and law books. The husband collects antique science books. So in our world, they are apart from the LOC catalogue. I had shoved a cooking book, seen here, on some of the Shakespeare.

And, it fell corner first on my foot.
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Mixer vs. Cooktop, The Saga Begins…

Yesterday began the kitchen redo. We have a beautiful kitchen. Showroom quality. Which is because the prior owners went into the showroom and said “I’ll take it!”

As a result, we have a mish mash of high-end looking but not really very functional appliances. For example, our cooktop is too low for me. I’m 5’4″ if you’re generous. And the vent hood doesn’t have a vent.

But it’s pretty.

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My husband was out working in the yard and I was inside working on work, and all of a sudden, we hear a crow. I suppose it was inevitable – even experts are 90% on sexing chickens, and we’ve had eleven.  In the immortal words of my friend Karl – “Noah was the one – he’s a cock.”

Maker Faire II – Wichita Boogaloo

So Wichita has a mini Maker Faire. Since it is just starting up, we decided instead of just attending, we’d volunteer! It was at the extremely cool Exploration Place in Wichita. It’s a lot smaller than the KC one, but that’s not a surprise. We show up, and they just say, go wander around and ask people if they need help. So… we did.

I ended up helping kids make touch activated nightlights with Filimin. The husband helped make LED buttons with Make ICT. We both made canvas bags and watched a movie about super volcanoes narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.


I have been in an epic fetch game with my cat for about…. seven months. He has this multicolored yarn ball (we’re on like ball five) that he loves to play with. 

It started when he was a little kitten, and every night we’d go sit in my comfy chair in the sitting room and read (me) and purr (Ari). One day, we had a ball, so I threw it to the other side of the room. He leapt off my lap, and chased it. He thought about it for a minute and brought it back to me. I threw it again, he launched to the other side of the room, and brought it back to me. This was in January. We’ve been playing this game ever since.

Whenever I go up the stairs, he brings me the ball, and I throw it, then walk up a few stairs, he will often drop it in my outstretched hand. If he doesn’t bring it right away, I wait, and he eventually remembers to bring it to me. When we get to the top of the stairs, I throw the ball down the stairs, and he scampers down (occasionally his brakes fail and he whacks into the wall because he’s a member of this family, and we’re all klutzes).