Birthday Balloons

So for the Husband’s birthday, I took him to the Balloon Fest in Anthony, Kansas. He (of course) used to fly hot air balloons when he was younger. I found a hotel, and made all of the arrangements I could – not many. We were at the mercy of the winds.

But it was a nice day. We left mid afternoon on Friday and meandered our way down to Harper, where we were staying. Got settled in and then went down to Anthony.

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This and That.

So living in the Midwest, we are used to weird swings in weather. This week was no exception. On Thursday, I wore my cute little sundress that I made and was outside as much as I could with my work schedule.

Friday was an entirely different story. Cold and crappy. We originally had planned on putting the little girls in a big pen in the garage, but that was a no-go – since it’s so dang cold. Saturday, we woke up to snow on the ground. YIKES.

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The end of the trip

The last day was pretty non-exciting. I missed the billboard that I always want to take a picture of, because of a joke that hit me about ten minutes after seeing it the first time, like five years ago.

But the rest of it was a couple of stops at junk stores, and listening to the KU game. Not too exciting.

But we did get to sleep in our own bed, and it had been two weeks since I had. So that was nice. Also the kittens were happy I was home.