Butterflies vs. Dill

So earlier this year, my beloved husband built a raised bed for our herb garden. It rocks.

It has gargantuan basil and for herbs we might need, but that will take over the world, we have pots. We used an existing laundry line t post so that come winter, we can cover and protect. Or, if it gets any damn hotter.

It’s lovely, and I really like running out to the garden to get the herbs for dinner. And, as we mentioned before, we like pickles round here.  So there’s a big dill plant.

Therein lies the problem. We also like Butterflies, and try to support their habitat.

Hello swallowtail caterpillar.

Little guy loooooves dill.

So my detante is to pull most of them, but not kill them, and leave a couple. I can share my dill… I suppose.
OTOH, a few of my dill flowers have gone to seed, so I cut them and I’m drying them out to give to friends.

So far I’ve got arugula, wildflowers, and now dill to give out as presents. I think we’ve got some basil gone to seed drying out as well.  YAY!


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