Exit, Pursued by a Dog

So we had a stray dog around our property two days ago. We chased him off, but alas, poor Shakespeare. He hath cross-ed the road.

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Memory boxes

OK, so this is kind of similar to the adventure box – which we’ve moved the adventures to their own box now. But on our random journeys we tend to pick up detritus. Whether it’s a map, a cool rock, brochures, random “toys” from skeevy truck stop vending machines (Creepy, yet hilarious to read the instructions). You know, stuff you have absolutely no use for, but that you acquire and want to keep.

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Corn Chowder

I used to live in the big town near where I live now, and the place to get corn was the parking lot of the Home Depot. A local farmer had a stand: Gaeddert Farms. Best corn I’ve ever had.

Now we live even closer! So I buy corn in baker’s dozens, but we don’t eat that much corn. Generally, I blanch all but a few ears, then freeze them in bags for winter. But I always save a few out for corn chowder.

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Book vs. Foot

So I decided to invite the whole clan to the homestead for Labor Day. So began the great cleaning of 2017. One of the things that we had to do was to get our bookshelves in order. Books had been haphazardly thrown on shelves, and this cannot be! It hurts my soul to have the books out of order. So I began by – of course – printing out the library of congress system. Because of course I did.

All went well, up until I got to the antique Shakespeare section of the shelves. I collect antique Shakespeare and law books. The husband collects antique science books. So in our world, they are apart from the LOC catalogue. I had shoved a cooking book, seen here, on some of the Shakespeare.

And, it fell corner first on my foot.
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Mixer vs. Cooktop, The Saga Begins…

Yesterday began the kitchen redo. We have a beautiful kitchen. Showroom quality. Which is because the prior owners went into the showroom and said “I’ll take it!”

As a result, we have a mish mash of high-end looking but not really very functional appliances. For example, our cooktop is too low for me. I’m 5’4″ if you’re generous. And the vent hood doesn’t have a vent.

But it’s pretty.

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