Caged Heat

We are getting ready to start working on increasing our flock. To that end, we purchased a small chicken run to put in our yard near the coop.

This will help isolate birds if we need to cull the flock, keep the sexual harassers at bay if needed, and provide a safe space for the little ones once they’re ready to play outdoors.

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Out Damned Spot…

Pat has crossed the road. We were planning on dispatching him in the next few weeks because he was aggressive, horny, and unnecessary (we have another roo). But we were gathering the stuff to do it humanely so that we could, you know, use the meat and carcass.

Unfortunately, it looked like he’d broken a leg overnight somehow. So in the interest of ending his suffering, we did the deed.

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Keeping up.

Last night we had chicken and veggies and a salad with carrots, romaine and cabbage. Today’s lunch was the last of the quinoa and some of the veggies from last night. The husband took the last of the stew. Tonight is pork tacos – using onions and peppers, with a slaw of cabbage, peppers, onions, carrots, and celery.

Go us!!