Even more throwback.

So we’ve looked at the hotel, the food. What next?

Ooh work.

The reason I was in Bengaluru was because I was there training some of our writers. They welcomed us with flowers, and it was such fun.

Everyone decided to wear their sari and other Indian formal clothing. It was just the coolest. Everyone looks good in sari. Everyone.

The workday was nice. We worked for a few hours, then someone brought in tea. Then worked a couple more and it was dinner time. We’d go out and walk, have dinner and come back.


We bought cane sugar drinks from a vendor outside the office.

There was bougainvillea everywhere.


And the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done, riding in the auto rickshaws.

It’s like moonlight highway on MarioKart, except in real life.


Continued Throwback

So we got to the hotel. It was lovely, the staff always left fresh flowers in our rooms.

Breakfast was delicious.

Coffee and watermelon juice. Oatmeal with pomegranates, wada, hash browns with tomato compote, and leftover veggies and rice from the night before. Pretty much the same every morning.

Usually by the pool!

The view from my room, and from the common area on my floor.

Throwback posts – India

I’ve been watching a show on PBS about the history of India, and really have been thinking a lot about a work trip I went on in 2016. It was amazing. We had some team members in Bengaluru, India, and my colleague and I went to do some training and team building.

I’d never left the country before. So this was international travel – throw Kate into the deep end edition.

The perils of being short. My feet didn’t reach the foot rest in business class. #ohthehumanity

So technically I’ve been to Germany. But only the United Lounge.
It was a bit disconcerting to wake up to, “Hey, I’m over Iran!”

But we had a warm welcome.

We stayed at the Taj by Vivanta on MG Road.

It was a lovely hotel. It was across from a mall, which I spent too much time in.

Chicken Scare

So we had our first big scare of our chicken raising lives. I had to work late, and the husband wasn’t feeling well, and forgot to close the coop door. I realized at about 10 pm, and went out to check on them. Um… possum. Gross. I hate possums.

It isn’t easy to evict a possum from a chicken coop with only garden tools.

But, despite our worry, we rounded up all of the chickens and all is well.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of November 2017

We have been averaging about 3-4 eggs for the last few days. We know we have 5 ladies laying, but figured that they weren’t laying every day.


They were laying by the side of the garage. I noticed Violet over there away from the other chickens, and went to see what was up. I found a large cache of eggs.

All in all, two dozen.

Now I have to google how to tell the freshest ones, and make a quiche or something.