Pimp My Coop

So we have a lovely coop that is right for our little family. But as winter is on the way, we decided to get a heat source, and while we were at it, make some adjustments.
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Halloween Costumes

So I love Halloween. Like, a lot. I have had many really cool ass Halloween costumes through the years: The allegorical figures of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, The Axis of Evil, The Divine Comedy, The Poe Toaster and his offering, Masque of the Red Death, Julia Child and the Swedish Chef.

I generally have a rule. $10 per costume. I’ve been known to occasionally expand that, and stuff I buy outside the confines of the costume planning don’t count. So for example, the walking stick with dagger I bought at the estate sale totally doesn’t count, because it was independent of the costume idea.

So the walking stick and dagger is cool. What to do? I KNOW! CLUE!!!!

So I hit up my local craft store, and started buying notions – feathers, flowers, stuff like that. Bought the husband a tweed jacket and some patches to put on there. I’ll just wear a black dress, and casually carry a candlestick in my purse.

But I can’t do things half-assed, so I also made cards – and will put three in an envelope, and divide the rest with the husband. If anyone asks, we can give them a pencil and a sheet to mark off. 

I need to get a prize or something.

Well the prize was for us! We won best costume!

Eyeball Cookies

So yesterday we made the sugar cookies, today we decorate.

The frosting is an easy powdered sugar frosting that dries well, and holds sprinkles.

Butter, room temperature, about a tablespoon. Then add powdered sugar and warm water and mix.

Not too runny, not too thick. It should dribble down the cookies’ edges.

Then paint it on. You don’t have to be pretty. This is cheap frosting, and easy to make. If you run out, make more. Choose your Eye color sprinkles, and I use a salt spoon to sprinkle it on. If you have a stencil you can do that too.

Do one tray at a time, so the frosting doesn’t dry, Then add the pupils. You can use black candies, M&Ms, black frosting, I did black licorice, and I don’t like it, but that’s the way it goes.

Then take red decorating gel and make em bloodshot.

Let them dry for a while before putting them in a container.